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HBP Training are the most professional company that we have ever used in this field, a first class service that has positively impacted on our very stressful high paced business. I highly recommend them if you want results! 5 Stars 🙂
Micky Cranks, Cycling

Our Promises To You…

  • An unrivalled & unique location
  • World class training
  • Lifelong student support from our team
  • Evening tuition if needed
  • The opportunity to improve your life exponentially
  • Money back guarantee

When our delegates choose to learn with us we reciprocate that commitment with our 6 promises. These fundamental promises ensure we lay the foundations of excellence to all of our delegates. All of our NLP Consultants are from a professional training background and all share the values of delivery ethos.

We are passionate about ensuring everyone who chooses to learn with us experiences the ultimate learning opportunity. What we have learned through years of experience is there are 2 vital components in accelerated learning; curiosity & enjoyment.

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NLP Courses & Training

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HBP-NLP provide the best NLP Courses & Training for the very best value for your investment.

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Our All Inclusive Academy!

NLP is “The Study of Excellence” and there is no better place to learn these vital life skills than the HBP-NLP Academy. It is the worlds first fully immersive NLP training venue that provides Full Board packages in order to make the booking process as easy as possible for you. Our trainers are on site for the full duration of your courses to ensure that you get the most personable approach available.

  • All Inclusive
  • Fully Immersive
  • 100% Conducive to learning
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Promise 1 – Unrivalled location

“Learning is an experience; everything else is just information.” Albert Einstein

Our first promise is to ensure that your learning experience with us is set in an inspiring location. We believe that our Academy at Lilleshall Abbey is a large part of the phenomenal success of our courses. The feedback we receive about our all inclusive learning package is second to none and something we strive to improve month on month. It is an extremely proud moment when our delegates talk glowingly about their personal experience of Lillehsall and its profound effect on their lives both personally and professionally.

Promise 4 – Extra Tuition

“The expert in anything was once the beginner.”

All of our Trainers & Coaches were once where you are, and from this experience we understand that people learn at different paces. Having an all inclusive Academy allows us to offer morning and evening tutition is required. Our commitment to ensuring that the exacting standards of certification are met by our delegates means we are very confident in the standard of our graduates. Added to this our second trainer policy allows us to offer added coaching during the sessions when needed.

Why settle for anything less than total commitment from us to your learning experience.

Promise 2 – World Class Training

When one teaches, two learn.” Robert Heinlein

All of our training consultants come from a professional training background. We believe that teaching is a skill and takes time to to develop and nurture. Trainers first, NLP second is our promise. This unwavering commitment ensures that HBP-NLP can proudly boast some of the most innovative and forward thinking trainers currently delivering NLP training in the world. This trainer first approach is very much at the heart of our whole teaching ethos and provides the delivery framework to compliment the location.

Promise 5 – Your Growth

“Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”John Maxwell

We promise to provide the conditions for your growth as a person. At our Academy we will remove as many distractions as possible to allow you to learn in the most positive and enjoyable environment. There are few things in life as important as your individual growth and development. Too many people in life settle for existence, we think everyone is capable of much more. If you are a coach, business person, personal trainer, entrepreneur, manager or manual worker we believe that your continual development and growth will help you improve in every aspect of life.

Promise 3 – Life Long Student Support

“When one teaches, two learn.” Robert Heinlein

Continued student support is very important to us, this includes pre & post course. To facilitate this we have build our very own password accessed online learning platform complete with video tutorials, blogs, podcasts and supporting articles. Also we have secure private groups on Facebook which allow student connection and yet another learning platform. Inside these private groups NLP Trainers & Master Coaches can be accessed to ask questions and advice.

Many of our delegates are in the process of launching their own business and we offer support in this process. Because we understand the pressures and challenges of launching a successful Coaching business we offer advisory access to our Marketing expert Craig Williams.

Promise 6 – Money Back Guarantee

“Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality.”Abraham Lincoln

We have invested an incredible amount of time into building what we believe to be the very best Practitioner & Master Practitioner courses available today. Every detail has been discussed and explored and if possible improved. From the pre course guidance, to the live training, and then post course support we are proud of what we offer. With this pride we are prepared to offer a money back guarantee for any delegate who is not satisfied we have met our other first 5 promises.

NLP Courses & Training

Learn More About NLP, Get Course Dates & Prices

HBP-NLP provide the best NLP Courses & Training for the very best value for your investment.

“If you want to make a quantum leap forward in your personal development, I can not recommend HBP highly enough!”
Simon Biltcliffe, CEO Webmart and IOD Director of the year.

Team HBP

Team HBP are led by the enigmatic ‘2 Phil’s’, as a dynamic training partnership they have rapidly developed a phenomenal reputation achieving outstanding results for their clients. They are TED presenters, NLP Trainers & Master Coaches, Adventure Instructors and formally professional Trainers in the RAF. The ‘2 Phil’s’ have coached professional and international athletes, polar explorers, fast jet pilots, entrepreneurs, award winning CEO’s & COO’s and everything in between.

They are ready to share with you all of their knowledge and experience to help you achieve and surpass your goals.

Phil Quirk - Master Coach
Phil Quirk - Master Coach
Ever since I can remember I, perhaps like you, have been interested in what makes people ‘tick’. I have always found it fascinating that a person can feel able to conquer the world one day and then be unable to get out of bed the next? You may of even experienced that in yourself and wondered the same thing? I’m sure you’d agree that people and their individual journeys in life are remarkable. If I was to sum up my favorite achievements from my life in bullet points they would be;

Becoming a husband then a father twice. (The ideal place to practice your NLP language, and get caught!!)

My NLP journey and the way it has benefited my life, both personally and professionally.

Having the opportunity to coach and work with nearly every conceivable walk of life.

Using everything I’ve learned on my journey to create my future, the way I’ve always imagined it – then teaching these principles to others for them to do the same…

My story is probably not too dissimilar to many others, if your curious to find out more then click on my picture!

Phil Kelly - Master Coach
Phil Kelly - Master Coach
When I grew up all I ever wanted was to be a professional sportsman, a dream shared by millions of boys and girls. I very nearly made it, released from a professional club at the very last hurdle.

The only thing that prevented me from my dream ironically was me. I was my biggest limiting factor, although understandably at 17 I couldn’t see it myself. I’m sure you’ve probably experienced something similar, so I took the harsh lessons learnt and implemented the learnings immediately. Following this I knew I needed to commit to something else and so tried many different careers that I wasn’t able to settle into. I wanted to do something different from the standard 9-5.

I could have done a couple of things after my disappointment. Blaming others would have been easy, blaming myself perhaps even easier. I decided that if I wanted to live the life I wanted I needed to make some big decisions and I did that – I joined the RAF as a Physical Training Instructor and moved far away from the support of my family and friends. I’m sure you can picture this wasn’t easy, everyone told me that I wouldn’t be able to complete the gruelling training and at the time I kind of believed them – but you never know unless you try, do you? Click on me to read more!

Recent NLP Course Blog Posts

NLP – “The Study of Excellence” is simplified and made real during our dynamic training courses.

To us, NLP is the study of excellence. What is it specifically that a successful person is doing that allows them to be portrayed as an achiever? We understand that success can be explained in so may ways from wealth to happiness, to becoming stress free to achieving a certain goal. We have striped back the system that creates the road to your success into a process and now we want to share this with YOU, so you are able to create your own version of success.


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Presented to hundreds and now watched by thousands, the HBP-NLP mentors a cutting edge TEDtalk that details those split second and automatic decisions elite athletes make and how you can develop those skills.
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NLP Courses & Training

Learn More About NLP, Get Course Dates & Prices

HBP-NLP provide the best NLP Courses & Training for the very best value for your investment.