When I grew up all I ever wanted was to be a professional sportsman, it’s a dream shared millions of boys and girls. I very nearly made, released from my professional club at the very last hurdle.

What made this more crushing was I come from a small town in South Wales where opportunity isn’t easy to find. I was going to be different though; I would be the ‘boy who came good’. The only thing that prevented me from my dream ironically was – me. I was my biggest limiting factor, although understandably at 17 I couldn’t see it myself. I’m sure you’ve probably experienced the same thing, wanting something so bad yet not quite making it become a reality?

I could have done a couple of things after this. Blaming others would have been easy, blaming myself even perhaps easier. I could have returned to my town and joined the rest of my mates, perhaps took on a trade. I decided that if I wanted to live the life I wanted I needed to move myself away – I joined the RAF as a Physical Training Instructor. I’m sure you can picture this wasn’t easy, everyone told me that it would be impossible and at the time I kind of believed them – but you never know unless you try, do you? Try is exactly what I did, I wasn’t the fittest and definitely not the fastest but I was the best at keep up’s! My course was even more challenging by trying to juggle a young family.

I’m sure many others have experienced something similar and understand both the challenges and rewards of trying to build a new career while maintaining an active family life. For 12 years I developed myself in as many different areas as possible. I completed a B.A degree worked tirelessly towards becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP sought to understand and use Transactional Analysis, Belbin, SDI, MBTI – in fact anything that could help improve my coaching I jumped on, and loved it! I would say that from a professional perspective coaching is now my life’s passion and if you too have a passion similar you’ll know that feeling you experience internally when you get to do it for a living.

So I suppose those dreams of being a professional sportsman were replaced by being a professional coach, and I’ve never looked back. These days I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have developed with anyone interested in developing themselves. The satisfaction I feel when seeing people improve their lives, whether from a sporting, professional or personal perspective is enormous. Leading the life you truly want is something I would advocate to anyone, remove the limiting decisions and beliefs you might have preventing you achieving the results you deserve. If any of this sounds familiar perhaps I could help you to maximise your potential within?