Ever since I can remember I, perhaps like you, have been interested in what makes people ‘tick’. I have always found it fascinating that a person can feel able to conquer the world one day and then be unable to get out of bed the next? You may of even experienced that in yourself and wondered the same thing? My story is probably not too dissimilar to many others. I found learning in school difficult because I spent most days looking out of the window wanting to be somewhere else. I enjoyed all sports but excelled at none.

When the time came for me to cover my shirt in signatures, play some final practical jokes and then venture out of the school gates one last time to go on and make my millions – probably sound familiar? The only problem was, I had no idea what to do? In my haste to escape the claustrophobic order of school I’d made my first, and definitely not last, big mistake in life – I hadn’t made a plan!! I suspect I’m not the only person to tread this path and it wouldn’t be difficult for you to imagine my next few years drifting from menial job to menial job.

My motivation was low and the life I lead now was not even a visionary dream, I was in one of life’s ‘ruts’. The wonderful quality of human beings, however, is that if you really want things to be different you have the resources inside to change your world, and that change can be instant. One summer day in 1998 I was ‘mooching’ around the local job centre in the Isle of Man and noticed a poster saying, Armed Forces Day – I was in!!! I don’t tell many people but I actually went with the intention to sign up and join the Royal Navy, the only problem was the guy from the Navy was from the Royal Marines – no they’re not the same by the way! Can you picture in your mind my horror when being confronted by this well-groomed gorilla with a huge moustache that concealed his mouth completely? I was in fact too scared to turn him down when he insisted I become a Bootneck as apposed to a “creature like occurrence” which is what he said I would mutate to in the Navy. The 6 years I spent in the Marines, as I’m sure you can picture was both challenging and rewarding.

I learnt many lessons during my time, on time means 5 minutes late, the English language is not routinely used by Marines, there is no excuse for not being clean (or crabby to a Bootneck) even in a filthy (likewise, honking) estuary. Perhaps the most important lesson was belief. If you have belief in yourself and belief in the people around you can achieve the ANYTHING. By using this principle I have been fortunate enough to leave the Royal Marines and enjoy a second career as a Physical Training Instructor in the RAF. This is where my curiosity to learn how to get the best out of people really accelerated. For the first time my appetite for learning was insatiable and all consuming. I learnt theories and then applied them to my work. I found out what worked and what didn’t and in doing so learned there is value in everything and discard nothing.

All of this learning and all of the experiences have led me to where I am now, part of a vibrant and forward thinking training company dedicated to getting the best out of every opportunity. We coach, train and work with anyone one who wants to find the extra improvements need to really exceed beyond your imagination. The most important thing though is, the resources to achieve the unimaginable are already inside you waiting to be released – imagine that?